Focusing on Horizontal Directional Drilling

Daggett Brook (Cass County), one of the waterways threatened by horizontal drilling (as photographed by a Watch the Line volunteer monitor)

As we’ve previously written, of the more than 200 waterways that Line 3 will have to cross through northern Minnesota, Enbridge will be tunneling underneath 21 of them using a process called Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD).

As there has already been one documented frac-out at the Willow River HDD crossing (July 6), it is critical that we keep our eyes on these locations. Below, we have compiled some resources–including a new training video–to prepare volunteers for monitoring HDD locations.

  • Training Video (29:28): We have recorded an abbreviated video version of our volunteer training (also embedded below), focusing on how to monitor the HDD crossings. We cover the basics of monitoring protocols, horizontal directional drilling, how to document observations, and how to send them to us for publication.
  • Watch the Line Map: Water crossings are collected on their own layer on our map. Furthermore, HDD crossings are colored in purple and have accompanying markers for the drill entry and exit points. Use this map to locate and navigate to these locations.
  • L3 HDD Tracker: This Google Sheet provides a simple list of the HDD crossings, with convenient links to their location on our map as well as pertinent information about them (e.g., entry and exit points, length of tunnel, etc.).
  • HDD Scouting Guide: This document provides some additional technical information about the horizontal directional drilling process and equipment.