Central to this project are three publicly accessible resources that will be continuously updated: the Watch The Line Project Map, Observation Log and Observation Images.

Note: If you are a volunteer monitor looking to SUBMIT observations, please click here.

Watch The Line Project Map

The Watch the Line Google Map shows Marker IDs which make a note of each public land or water crossing on the L3RP route. Our observations as part of this project are organized by these Marker IDs, so this map is an essential reference for understanding where observations were made. Volunteers can also use this map to navigate.

Observation Log

This resource is a Google Sheet which is a log of volunteer monitoring efforts which includes written observations. Use this file to see what’s been observed since your last visit.

Observation Images

This resource is a Google Drive folder containing photographs, videos, and reference files gathered by monitors during the observation process. Files are organized into subfolders by County and then Marker ID.

Note — Observation files require some processing by Watch the Line before they are viewable in the public drive. This can take a few days, and progress is noted in the Observation Log. If you have pressing need for particular files, please send us a prioritization request via email (watchthelinemn@gmail.com).

If you have any difficulties or questions about accessing our public observations, please email us at watchthelinemn@gmail.com.