MPCA: Enbridge Polluted Water at 63% of Horizontal Drilling Locations

Mississippi River pollution, as reported by water protectors following conclusion of horizontal drilling near the headwaters

In a pair of Aug. 9 tweets, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) shared its summary of the harm caused (so far) by Enbridge as crews drilled beneath our waterways to construct the Line 3 tar sands oil pipeline. Below, we offer some context for these numbers, and why Minnesotans should be alarmed.

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Focusing on Horizontal Directional Drilling

Daggett Brook (Cass County), one of the waterways threatened by horizontal drilling (as photographed by a Watch the Line volunteer monitor)

As we’ve previously written, of the more than 200 waterways that Line 3 will have to cross through northern Minnesota, Enbridge will be tunneling underneath 21 of them using a process called Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD).

As there has already been one documented frac-out at the Willow River HDD crossing (July 6), it is critical that we keep our eyes on these locations. Below, we have compiled some resources–including a new training video–to prepare volunteers for monitoring HDD locations.

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